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What is a Jokaso?

27-01-2015 | Tin tức

In Japan, Jokaso literally means “purification tank”"onsite wastewater treatment system” in Japanese.
In Japan, where people can’t connect to the centralized public sewage plant, all household wastewater goes directly into Jokaso which is usually installed underground as a single compact tank. There are basically five functional chambers (sedimentation, anaerobic, aeration, storage and disinfection) in a tank. Such an anaerobic and aerobic combined biological process with high efficiency has been commonly employed as an onsite wastewater treatment system for over 30 years in Japan. Jokaso is now greatly improved and its treatment performance is same as the centralized public sewage plant.

Various types and sizes are available from small residential units (total numbers in Japanese market are 200,000 annually and 9 million units) to large commercial units (up to 360m3/day) in Japan. 


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